Redefining Business

When a woman joins the TGC loan program, she comes in earning roughly $37/month.  By the end of two years, our borrowers are earning roughly $150/month, a 400% increase. Our borrowers consistently report that the business training they received in the TGC program made all the difference to them – teaching them how to be a businesswoman, not just how to sell products.

How did they do this? By redefining their own businesses. Our business training taught them how to grow their businesses.

Sharifa is a tailor, and loves to sew. When she received her first microloan, she could buy enough material to stich three school uniforms.  Over time, she won the contract of one whole school, and then three schools. Today, she employees other women and men to help her meet the business demands.

Sharifa graduated from worrying about being able to afford the next meal to thinking bigger. She transformed from a tailor to an entrepreneur.

Similarly, Aida started off by grinding small quantities of maize at home. Over the last two years, the training for budgeting and saving she received, helped her invest in a grinder. She turned her tiny venture into a factory. She now sells maize flour in various quantities, at retail and at wholesale.  She also employs three other people.

She has graduated from being a borrower to being an employer.

These stories illustrate how very hard they work if they’re just given the resources, training and support. Every day we see examples of our borrowers shifting their way of thinking from today and now, to thinking about growing their businesses for the future.  They look at new markets and new opportunities.   They try new marketing techniques, like using attractive displays.  They find new customers by moving to areas with no competition. They look at the bigger picture.

These women in Uganda are slowly becoming financially strong, and their sense of business pleasantly delights us every day.