Hope Is Back for Mothers and Their Children.

Micro-financing organizations across the world invest in women because studies have shown that women reinvest their increased profits towards their children and to improve the quality of life. Women are the community builders across the world.

To assess the progress made, all borrowers in The Greater Contribution program are asked to answer a questionnaire. We focus on how the loan program impacted their family’s daily lives: how many more meals a day they are eating, how many more children are going to school,  how is the mood in the family now that they have a slightly better income; and so on. We also ask the women what they intend to do with their increased incomes, and then compare it to how they actually used the income.

Most of these women are mothers, with young children who are not going to school. The most common answers are – “I will send my children to school; I will buy shoes and uniforms for the child, I will give them an extra meal.”

This is wonderful – because mothers around the world are the same- they always put their children first- and want the best for them.

Anna, a young mother, said: “I’m happy my children are in school. The sick one is better because he is eating regularly.”

Working mothers are also a great example to their children. When children see that working hard towards a goal yields results, they tend to apply that in their lives too. We heard a little boy say that he would like to grow up and work with his mother. We see a family business in the future.

Some other common answers we hear are: “I am now contributing to my family’s income – I am a proud breadwinner. I do not need to beg any more.”

One woman gave us a short and sweet answer: “Hope is back.”