The Journey Does Not End

This is my last night in Uganda but the journey does not end here.  The work will continue.  The Greater Contribution and I are committed to continuing this work.   The incredibly grateful women who tell me the stories of how their lives have been changed by the loan program and the literacy classes re-energize me and send me back home with more determination than ever to keep this program going.   These visits always remind me of why I do this work.

I spent the last two days with our Program Director, Toffister Aloyo (you can get to know her by logging into our website and viewing her video on the home page:  Toffister and I took a lot of time to look at various aspects of the program and to reflect carefully on ways to improve our work.  Now I will go home and work to improve our work in the U.S. including the never ending process of raising money!

So as I type this last post, I’ll leave you with some favorite pictures from this visit.

I spent some time doing some individual interviews with some of the borrowers.  They are truly astounding women.  With just a little help they make big changes very quickly.  They are determined to better their lives and the lives of their children and they get moving doing just that!

Interviewing borrowers

Ladies come, gathered in their loan groups, to make their loan payments.  They are proud that they’re able to take these loans, to put the money to work in a business and repay the loans in full.  This is very empowering for women who’ve been told they’re only good to be “kitchen women” and to have babies!   They are rightfully proud!

Ladies carefully preparing their loan payments.

It is remarkable how much a little loan of $50 can do!  I am still in awe of the power of the human spirit to rise above incredible adversity with just a little “boost”, as my Uganda friends would say!  So please give a “boost” to another woman who desperately wants a better life.  When you do your end of the year giving, think of these women and give them the gift of a future!   Go to:  www.Greater