The road towards home

We are on our way out of Mbale headed to Jinja, we have one last stop before flying home tomorrow.  We are going to visit the Pittek ladies!  It has been a long, but rewarding trip.  I am sad to say good-bye to all of our dear friends; not only to our amazing Loan Administrators & Coordinators & borrowers in the Mbale area, but also those in the hotels, restaurants, banks, stationers, and markets we visit during our stay.  Being here has had its challenges and rewards.  The rewards outweigh the challenges by far.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to experience and learn so much about our friends in Uganda.  I love to witness the transformation and positive rewards achieved through the benefit of micro loans.  The ability to teach and demonstrate to the women new ways of thinking about business and leadership within their communities is also so rewarding.

view of road out front window of carAs we drive the scenery stays pretty much the same, huts and small villages along the road, road side markets, small plots of banana groves and other vegetation, cows and goats tethered by rope, and the endless line of boda bodas, bicycles, cars, taxis, large trucks, and people traveling by foot.  We pass large public school areas, brick buildings being constructed and those abandoned, large open fields, and people huddled under trees or on the side of structures attempting relief from the hot sun.  Everyone busy in their day to day life struggle to feed and shelter their families.  These are people of resilience and compassion, filled with hope for a new tomorrow.  The hard part for me is that their new tomorrow is more than likely very far away…… that is why I work hard here on the ground and at home to raise funds to provide micro loans and training.  It is my hope that our help here is helping to pave the way to a new tomorrow.