Distributing Loan Money

There is nothing I enjoy more than distributing the loan money to borrowers!   You can almost feel the anticipation as the women gather to receive their loan proceeds.   The loan money is carefully counted at the bank and placed in individual envelopes with the borrower’s name and loan amount ahead of time.     As each woman receives her envelope, we congratulate her, she in turn thanks us profusely and occasionally even kneels before us!   Many tell us they will work hard and be successful;  some say they won’t let us down!  Many are shy and simply say thank you.  It is inspiring and humbling to see how much a small loan of $100 or $200 can mean and how grateful the women are.   Truly a moving experience.

Here’s a woman counting her loan money…..










…and a couple of borrowers in Tororo receiving congratulations from me.Karon congratulating a borrower in Tororo

In the Lwaboba center, our Loan Administrator, Annette Nasirumbi, asked the borrowers into the office in groups of three to receive their loans.  As each group came in, Annette would deliver a few words  of encouragement to each group, reminding them that this loan represented a great opportunity to turn their lives around and that they should not squander it!  I was impressed that each time she delivered  the message, it was a little different and yet always delivered with love, and inspiration!   Annette is  a remarkable  leader.

Here are a trio of Lwaboba borrowers who just heard Annette’s message and just received their loans.   They’re seeing a new future on the horizon and you can see the joy and excitement on their faces.   DSC00784


Thank you to all of you who make these loans possible.  You’re helping to change the world one loan at time.   Please spread the word about TGC to all you know who would like to make a real, life changing difference in the lives of women. 


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